During the state visit, Xi met Queen Elizabeth II, British Prime Minister David Cameron and other dignitaries. Ok [202] Between 14 and 23 July, Xi attended the BRICS leaders' summit in Brazil and visited Argentina, Venezuela, and Cuba. During an interview in 2000, he said, "People who have little contact with power, who are far from it, always see these things as mysterious and novel. [117], Comparisons between Xi and the Disney character Winnie the Pooh are censored on Chinese internet following the spread of an internet meme in which photographs of Xi were compared to the bear. Xi also vowed to tackle corruption at the highest levels, alluding that it would threaten the Party's survival; he was reticent about far-reaching economic reforms. [35] After a few months, unable to stand rural life, he ran away to Beijing. [4] In seiner frühen Kindheit verlebte Xi Jinping ein verhältnismäßig privilegiertes Leben als Sohn eines hohen Parteifunktionärs. However, Xi and his colleagues acknowledge the challenges to the legitimacy of Communist rule, particularly corruption by party officials. He seems to have developed a strong personal relationship with President Vladimir Putin. [177], Under Xi, China has also taken a more critical stance on North Korea, while improving relationships with South Korea. [310] He also likes playing football, mountain climbing, walking, volleyball and swimming. Xis politische Gedanken wurden in die Partei- und Staatsverfassung geschrieben. They also criticized the practice of "politicizing human rights issues". [243][244][245], In response, 50 countries signed a joint letter to the UNHRC commending China's "remarkable achievements in the field of human rights" under Xi Jinping, claiming "Now safety and security has returned to Xinjiang and the fundamental human rights of people of all ethnic groups there are safeguarded." He met with President Vladimir Putin and the two leaders discussed trade and energy issues. Xi Jinping Vermögen: Der chinesische Politiker Xi Jinping ist ein Nettopolitiker von 1 Million US-Dollar. [318], General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, Meme comparing Winnie the Pooh to Xi Jinping, CPC Committee Secretaries and Governors of, Trips as Vice President and Mexico commentary incident, Winnie the Pooh caricature and censorship. Xi described this as a gesture of peace, while analysts have said that the cut was done to reduce costs as well as part of PLA's modernization. Fraktionsvorsitzender der LINKEN im Saarländischen Landtag Student militants ransacked the Xi family home and one of Xi's sisters, Xi Heping, committed suicide from the pressure. Volume one was published in September 2014, followed by volume two in November 2017. Xi explained the decision in terms of needing to align two more powerful posts—General Secretary of the Communist Party and Chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC)—which have no term limits. The news led to a flood of discussions on Chinese Internet forums and it was reported that the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs was caught off-guard by Xi's remarks, as the actual video was shot by some accompanying Hong Kong reporters and broadcast on Hong Kong TV, which then turned up on various Internet video websites. Größte Freihandelszone der Welt entsteht China greift nach dem Thron der Weltwirtschaft - und Europa und die USA sehen nur zu 12:11 - Finanzen100 The couple frequently lived apart due largely to their separate professional lives. [307][308] He is also a fan of HBO television series Game of Thrones, watching a condensed version due to tight schedules. His father was later thrown into prison in 1968 when Xi was aged 15. Xi Zhongxun war seit 1928 Mitglied in der Kommunistischen Partei Chinas (KPCh), Vize-Premier der VR China (19591962) und Gouverneur der Provinz Guangdong (19791981). de la Merced, Michael J., and Russell Goldman, socialist states espousing Marxism–Leninism, President of the People's Republic of China, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Vice President of the People's Republic of China, General Office of the Central Military Commission, Central Financial and Economic Affairs Commission, Commission on Comprehensively Deepening Reforms, Leading Group for Defence and Military Reform, Leading Group for Internet Security and Informatization, Leading Group for Financial and Economic Affairs, Central Leading Group for Comprehensively Deepening Reforms, Central Coordination Group for Hong Kong and Macau Affairs, Vice Chairman, Party Central Military Commission, Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Vice Chairperson of the National People's Congress, 15th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China, vice-president of the People's Republic of China, Central Party School of the Communist Party of China, chairman of the CCP Central Military Commission, 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Anti-corruption campaign under Xi Jinping, Central Leading Group for Internet Security and Informatization, National Security Commission of the Communist Party of China, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Modernization of the People's Liberation Army, 2015 People's Republic of China military reform, Central Leading Group for Military Reform. [176] His political program calls for a China more united and confident of its own value system and political structure. Xi Jinping[note 2] (/ˌʃiː dʒɪnˈpɪŋ/ SHEE jin-PING; Chinese: 习近平; born 15 June 1953) is a Chinese politician who has served as General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC) since 2012, and President of the People's Republic of China (PRC) since 2013. The engineering majors there spent about 15 percent of their time studying Marxism–Leninism–Mao Zedong thought and 5 percent of their time doing farm work and "learning from the People's Liberation Army". [a], Xi Jinping was born in Beijing on 15 June 1953, the second son of Xi Zhongxun and his wife Qi Xin. [160] It also called for more transparency in legal proceedings, more involvement of ordinary citizens in the legislative process, and an overall "professionalization" of the legal workforce. In 2008 he was designated as Hu Jintao's presumed successor as paramount leader; to that end, Xi was appointed Vice President of the People's Republic of China and Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission. [119][120] When Xi Jinping inspected troops through his limousine's sunroof, a popular meme was created with Winnie the Pooh in a toy car. He has also enacted or promoted a more assertive foreign policy, particularly with regard to China–Japan relations, China's claims in the South China Sea, and its advocacy for free trade and globalization. [39][40], From 1975 to 1979, Xi studied chemical engineering at Beijing's Tsinghua University as a "Worker-Peasant-Soldier student". [189] ", "China's ADIZ over the East China Sea: A "Great Wall in the Sky"? [253], In September 2020 Xi Jinping announced that China will "strengthen its 2030 climate target (NDC), peak emissions before 2030 and aim to achieve carbon neutrality before 2060". Demonstrators during a protest demanding for human rights in the People's Republic of China (PRC) in Brussels, Belgium on 31.03.2014 Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife are on a three-day visit to Belgium. [235], Following several terrorist attacks in Xinjiang in 2013 and 2014, Xi launched the "people's war on terror" in 2014, which involved mass detention, and surveillance of ethnic Uyghurs there. [251], German newspaper Der Spiegel reported that Xi Jinping pressured Tedros Adhanom, director-general of the World Health Organization in January 2020 to hold off on issuing a global warning about the coronavirus outbreak. [158] Termed "comprehensive deepening reforms" (全面深化改革; quánmiàn shēnhuà gǎigé), they were said to be the most significant since Deng Xiaoping's 1992 "Southern Tour". [150], Xi has increased state control over China's economy, voicing support for China's state-owned enterprises (SOEs),[151] while also supporting the country's private sector. [38] The Washington Post reported from a single source that Xi may have been injured in an altercation during a meeting of the "red second generation" which turned violent. [77], A few months before his ascendancy to the party leadership, Xi disappeared from official media coverage for several weeks beginning on 1 September 2012. 0. Xi first used the phrase during a high-profile visit to the National Museum of China on 29 November 2012, where he and his Standing Committee colleagues were attending a "national revival" exhibition. [162], Since taking power in 2012, Xi has started a massive overhaul of the People's Liberation Army. [131] Xi also became the leader of the Central Leading Group for Internet Security and Informatization, in charge of cyber-security and Internet policy. [58] After the Olympics, Xi was assigned the post of committee chair for the preparations of the 60th Anniversary Celebrations of the founding of the People's Republic of China. [106] Although it predates Xi Jinping's formal rise to the top party and state posts, the release of this internal document, which has introduced new topics that were previously not "off-limits," was seen as Xi's recognition of the "sacrosanct" nature of Communist Party rule over China. ", "Joint Statement, Delivered by UK Rep to UN, on Xinjiang at the Third Committee Dialogue of the Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination", "China's treatment of Uyghurs in Xinjiang divides UN members", "Statement at UN supports China on Xinjiang", "More countries join condemnation of China over Xinjiang abuses", "WHO dementiert Telefongespräch mit Chinas Präsident", "Chinese tycoon who criticized Xi Jinping's handling of coronavirus jailed for 18 years", "China going carbon neutral before 2060 would lower warming projections by around 0.2 to 0.3 degrees C", "China, the world's top global emitter, aims to go carbon-neutral by 2060", "China's top climate scientists unveil road map to 2060 goal", "Leader Taps into Chinese Classics in Seeking to Cement Power", "Why Xi Jinping's China is Legalist, Not Confucian", "Is 'China's Machiavelli' Now Its Most Important Political Philosopher? Political observers have called Xi the most powerful Chinese leader since Chairman Mao Zedong, especially. [262] The Economist noted the abstract and seemingly accessible nature of the concept with no specific overarching policy stipulations may be a deliberate departure from the jargon-heavy ideologies of his predecessors. The plenum, while emphasizing the absolute leadership of the party, also called for a greater role of the constitution in the affairs of state and a strengthening of the role of the National People's Congress Standing Committee in interpreting the constitution. [86], Xi was elected President of the People's Republic of China on 14 March 2013, in a confirmation vote by the 12th National People's Congress in Beijing. He was put in charge of the comprehensive preparations for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, as well as being the central government's leading figure in Hong Kong and Macau affairs. [267], Xi has also overseen a revival of traditional Chinese culture, breaking apart from CCP's path which had often attacked it. 31st Mar, 2014. Xi was reputedly academic during their courtship, inquiring about singing techniques. Xi Jinping. [217][218][219] Premier Li Keqiang attended the forum in 2015 and Vice-President Li Yuanchao did so in 2016. [126][127][128][129] Xi has notably departed from the collective leadership practices of his post-Mao predecessors. [44] Xi held posts in the Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee and became the president of the Party School in Fuzhou in 1990. Er ist Gründer und Absolvent der Tsinghua-Universität, einer Kommunistischen Partei Chinas. The recent meeting between Donald Trump and the Chinese President Xi Jinping was intended to lay the foundations of new trade relations between the two countries. Xi was Governor of Fujian from 1999 to 2002, before becoming Governor and Party Secretary of neighbouring Zhejiang from 2002 to 2007. [37], After being rejected seven times, Xi joined the Communist Youth League of China in 1971 by befriending a local official. He was also reportedly at the helm of a top-level Communist Party committee dubbed the 6521 Project, which was charged with ensuring social stability during a series of politically sensitive anniversaries in 2009. Paperback #1 Best Seller in Communism. [173] According to Ni Lexiong, a military affairs expert, Xi "not only controls the military but also does it in an absolute manner, and that in wartime, he is ready to command personally". [38] In 1985, as part of a Chinese delegation to study U.S. agriculture, he stayed in the home of an American family in the town of Muscatine, Iowa. [51], Following the dismissal of Shanghai Party secretary Chen Liangyu in September 2006 due to a social security fund scandal, Xi was transferred to Shanghai in March 2007 where he was the party secretary there for seven months. Richard McGregor . He pledged there would be no 'purges' during his administration, despite the fact many local officials were thought to have been implicated in the Chen Liangyu corruption scandal. [286], The 2015 meeting between Xi and Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou marked the first time the political leaders of both sides of the Taiwan Strait have met since the end of the Chinese Civil War in 1950. For example, Shanghai administrators attempted to earn favour with him by arranging a special train to shuttle him between Shanghai and Hangzhou for him to complete handing off his work to his successor as Zhejiang party secretary Zhao Hongzhu. [63] Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson described Xi as "the kind of guy who knows how to get things over the goal line". [162] He and CCDI Secretary Wang Qishan further institutionalised CCDI's independence from the day-to-day operations of the CCP, improving its ability to function as a bona fide control body. [163] Two new branches of the PLA were created under his reforms, the Strategic Support Force[169] and the Joint Logistics Support Force. "[116] The State Internet Information Department summoned a group of influential bloggers to a seminar instructing them to avoid writing about politics, the Communist Party, or making statements contradicting official narratives. [84], In December 2012, Xi visited Guangdong in his first trip outside Beijing since taking the Party leadership. Start reading Has China Won? Xi Jinping: The Backlash. ... seitdem aber ihre Einkünfte stagnierten während die obersten 1% ihr Vermögen … [283] He has defended the Hong Kong police's use of force, saying that "We sternly support the Hong Kong police to take forceful actions in enforcing the law, and the Hong Kong judiciary to punish in accordance with the law those who have committed violent crimes. [33] From 1973, he applied to join the Chinese Communist Party ten times and was finally accepted on his tenth attempt in 1974. Peng has played a much more visible role as China's "first lady" compared to her predecessors; for example, Peng hosted U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama on her high-profile visit to China in March 2014. Unique Xi Jinping Stickers designed and sold by artists. [181] The U.S. has been critical of Chinese actions in the South China Sea. China used a file-sharing app to round up 40,000 Uighur Muslims for prison camps, a startling insight into how it oppresses people via technology Alexandra Ma. Demonstrators during a protest demanding for human rights in the People's Republic of China (PRC) in Brussels, Belgium on 31.03.2014 Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife are on a three-day visit to Belgium. [75] He later visited the United States, Ireland and Turkey in February 2012. It was traditionally the Premier’s job to look after economic and industrial affairs, stripped instead and place in the hands of more assured loyalists. Presently, Renate Burger occupies the position of Head-Compliance & Back Office at TOP Vermögen AG. [126][274], Xi himself has described the Thought as part of the broad framework created around Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, a term coined by Deng Xiaoping that places China in the "primary stage of socialism". Erfahren Sie, wie Ihre Kommentardaten verarbeitet werden. [57] Following his elevation, Xi has held a broad range of portfolios. Will it do so again? He received 2,952 for, one vote against, and three abstentions. This is illustrative of President Xi Jinping’s growing power. The words “new” and “innovation” featured … It has broad jurisdiction over economic restructuring and social reforms, and is said to have displaced some of the power previously held by the State Council and its premier. [54] While in Shanghai, he worked on preserving unity of the local party organisation. '", Economy, Elizabeth C. "China's New Revolution: The Reign of Xi Jinping. He officially received the title of "leadership core" from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in 2016. ", "Beijing Police Detain Hundreds For Trying to Visit Chinese Leaders Over New Year", "Xi Jinping Millionaire Relations Reveal Fortunes of Elite", "China blocks Bloomberg for exposing financial affairs of Xi Jinping's family", "As China's Leader Fights Graft, His Relatives Shed Assets", "The Panama Papers are super awkward for Beijing", "Xi Jinping's family linked to Panama Papers", "Xi Jinping, likely China's next leader, called pragmatic, low-key", "China leader-in-waiting carries heavy political baggage to U.S.", "Xi, in 'Godfather' Mold, Looks Assertive and Even Imperial", "Xi Jinping shows his love of Game of Thrones but warns reality must not mirror fantasy", "Glowing profile cracks door open on private life of China's Xi", "Chinese President Xi Jinping in Cartoons", "Chairman Xi crushes dissent but poor believe he's making China great", "The World's Most Popular Leader: China's President Xi", "Michelle Obama is the world's most admired woman", "Xi Jinping has more clout than Donald Trump. [118] The first heavily censored viral meme can be traced back to the official visit to the United States in 2013 during which Xi was photographed by a Reuters photographer walking with then-US President Barack Obama in Sunnylands, California. While the phrase has been used before by journalists and scholars,[261] some publications have posited the term likely drew its inspiration from the concept of the American Dream. Auf dem jüngsten Kongress der Kommunistischen Partei Chinas, der am 18. und 24. Jiangxi Activists Threatened After Tweets Authorities in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangxi have stepped up pressure on activists who called on local officials to make public their assets, in spite of vows by incoming president Xi Jinping to crackdown on graft. Deng had two shell companies in the British Virgin Islands while Xi was a member of the Politburo Standing Committee, but they were dormant by the time Xi became general secretary of the Communist Party in November 2012. Here's why", "CCP Constitution Amendment May Signal Xi's Power – China Digital Times (CDT)", "CPC creates Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era", "Xi Jinping Thought approved for Party Constitution", "Second volume of Xi's book on governance published", "China's most popular app is a propaganda tool teaching Xi Jinping Thought", "China Revives Mao-Era Self-Criticism, but This Kind Bruises Few Egos", "The Mass Line Campaign in the 21st Century", "China's Political Spectrum under Xi Jinping", "Greater Bay Area: Xi Jinping's other grand plan", "China signals desire to bring Hong Kong under tighter control", "China's Xi vows support for Hong Kong leader during 'most difficult' time", "Xi Jinping again backs Hong Kong police use of force in stopping unrest", "China's Xi warns of 'foreign forces' at Macao anniversary", "Xi Jinping seen as indirectly lecturing Hong Kong as he tells Macau residents to make 'positive voices' heard and resolve problems with rationality", "China, Taiwan and a Meeting After 66 Years", "One-minute handshake marks historic meeting between Xi Jinping and Ma Ying-jeou", "What Xi Jinping said about Taiwan at the 19th Party Congress", "Xi Jinping warns Taiwan it will face 'punishment of history' for separatism", "Xi warns Taiwan independence is 'a dead end, "Taiwan president defiant after China calls for reunification", "Xi Jinping: From 'sent-down youth' to China's top", "China's 'fifth generation' of leaders reflects nation's shifts", "Meet China's Folk Star First Lady-in-Waiting", "Michelle Obama Tours Beijing With China's First Lady", "What Did China's First Daughter Find in America? Schon bald wolle man mit der EU über einen Investitionsvertrag verhandeln, europäisches Vermögen könnte es in … [207] He then headed to Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia, to attend the Afro-Asian Leaders Summit and the 60th Anniversary events of the Bandung Conference. 331 räägivad sellest. [note 3][45], From 1998 to 2002, Xi studied Marxist theory and ideological education in Tsinghua University,[46] graduating from there with a doctorate in law and ideology in 2002. [195], On 4 June 2019, Xi told the Russian news agency TASS that he was "worried" about the current tensions between the U.S. and Iran. [144][145] On 17 March 2018, the Chinese legislature reappointed Xi as president, now without term limits; Wang Qishan was appointed vice president. The son of Chinese Communist veteran Xi Zhongxun, he was exiled to rural Yanchuan County as a teenager following his father's purge during the Cultural Revolution, and lived in a cave in the village of Liangjiahe, where he joined the CCP and worked as the party secretary. Yes: Then connect to the University network via VPN client in order to access the licensed contents. [79] He replaced Hu Jintao, who retired after serving two terms. [197], In the 2019, the Pew Research Center made a survey on attitude to Xi Jinping among six-country medians based on Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines and South Korea. [259][260] Since 2013, the phrase has emerged as the distinctive quasi-official ideology of the party leadership under Xi, much as the "Scientific Outlook on Development" was for Hu Jintao and the "Three Represents" was for Jiang Zemin. The recipe for success of the left government. Ihre E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. The former real-estate tycoon had disappeared in March, after writing an article online, criticizing Xi Jinping's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. He then went on to Tanzania, South Africa (where he attended the BRICS summit in Durban), and the Republic of the Congo. All countries should respect each other's sovereignty, dignity and territorial integrity; respect each other's development path and its social systems, and respect each other's core interests and major concerns... What we hope to create is a big family of harmonious coexistence.”[190], Starting in 2017, China's relationship with South Korea soured over the THAAD purchase of the latter[191] while China's relations with North Korea increased because of meetings between Xi and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. [229] He presided over the 709 crackdown on 9 July 2015, which saw more than 200 lawyers, legal assistants and human rights activists being detained. He also visited Valletta, Malta, before returning to China. Fact-Checking TIME’s Oval Office Interview With Donald Trump - Time Magazine. ", Zhang, Feng. The announcement was made in the United Nations General Assembly. When the Soviet Union came to crisis point, a big party was gone just like that. During his visit, Pakistan's highest civilian award, the Nishan-e-Pakistan, was conferred upon him. They divorced within a few years. [304], Peng described Xi as hardworking and down-to-earth: "When he comes home, I've never felt as if there's some leader in the house. [62] Lee also commented: "I would put him in the Nelson Mandela class of persons. No thanks, Obama subtly tells China", "President Xi Jinping warns of disaster if Sino-US relations sour", "FBI arrests Chinese national connected to malware used in OPM data breach", "Hacks of OPM databases compromised 22.1 million people, federal authorities say", "As Russia Draws Closer to China, U.S. Faces a New Challenge", "With one eye on Washington, China plots its own Asia 'pivot, "Asian nations should avoid military ties with third party powers, says China's Xi", "China's Xi tones down foreign policy rhetoric", "China building runway in disputed South China Sea island", "Defense secretary's warning to China: U.S. military won't change operations", "President Xi's speech at opening of Belt and Road forum, May 14, 2017", "Why China's economic jabs at South Korea are self-defeating", "Kim's visit evidence China, North Korea remain allies, analysts say", "Xi calls for 'timely' easing of North Korea sanctions after Trump-Kim meeting", "China-US trade war: Sino-American ties being torn down brick by brick", "Trump's Trade War With China Is Officially Underway", "Xi worried as 'extreme' US pressure on Iran raises tensions", "Xi says China will promote steady ties with Iran", "China's Economic Growth Mostly Welcomed in Emerging Markets, but Neighbors Wary of Its Influence", "Xi's maiden foreign tour historic, fruitful", "Obama and Xi at Sunnylands: A Good Start", "President Xi, 'Korea-China relations better than ever, "Xi Jinping's July 2014 Trip to Latin America", Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, "Chinese incursion in Ladakh: A little toothache can paralyze entire body, Modi tells Xi Jinping", "Chinese president Xi Jinping signs five agreements with Fiji as part of China's Pacific engagement strategy", "Pakistan confers Nishan-e-Pakistan on Chinese president Xi Jinping", "Xi Jinping Heads to Pakistan, Bearing Billions in Infrastructure Aid", "At Russia's Military Parade, Putin and Xi Cement Ties", "Xi Jinping's US visit: itinerary, issues and delegation", "China's President Xi Jinping begins first US visit in Seattle", "Chinese president Xi Jinping visit: United fan premier to visit Manchester City's stadium", "Czech courtship pays off with landmark visit from Chinese leader", "Protests as China's Xi arrives in Prague", "How Davos Brings the Global Elite Together", "Xi Jinping Arrives in North Korea, With Many Eyes on Trump", "Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in Osaka, Japan for G20 summit", "Chronology of China's Belt and Road Initiative", State Council of the People's Republic of China, "Xi proposes a 'new Silk Road' with Central Asia", "Xi Jinping Says China's Belt and Road Initiative Is Not Saddling Poor Countries With Debt", "China wrote Belt and Road Initiative into the party constitution. [32] In May 1966, the Cultural Revolution cut short Xi's secondary education when all secondary classes were halted for students to criticise and fight their teachers. [224] BRI was added to the CCP Constitution at the closing session of the 19th Party Congress on 24 October 2017,[225] further elevating its importance. Xi believes that, just as the party must be at the apex of political control of the state, the party's central authorities (i.e., the Politburo, PSC, or himself as general secretary) must exercise full and direct political control of all party activities.